Bombonette was founded in 1993 thanks to the intuition and enthusiasm of the Hon. Fiano Setti. Throughout the 1950s, working in a company dealing in liqueur boxing and wooden packaging, the inspiration came about that if one could create such items in cardboard, they would be easier to manufacture and more practical to organise. Thirty-five years later, that idea is a reality for one of the most popular and widely used packaging companies of all time in Italy, with its unique interlocking “Butterfly” closure: Bombonette.

Bombonette boxes are assembled in no time: the tray and lid clasp together contemporaneously to package our clients’ products in a matter of moments – and without the annoying encumbrances of traditional packaging.

Sale dedicated, exclusively to the international markets.

Boxes, wrappers, trays and accessories: find the solution that best suits your needs by browsing through the Bombonette catalogue and creating your own custom packaging.

Cake Boards
Shopping Bags
Ice Cream
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